Sunday, October 4, 2009


Freej [free-jh] (neighbourhood in Arabic) is an Arabic cartoon full of wonderfully silly stuff from Dubai in the UAE.

There are four main female characters; Um Saeed [umm say-yeed], Um Saloom [umm sa-loon], Um Alawi [umm al-a-wee] and Um Khamas [umm kha-mass] who always seem to have an adventure of some kind or the other.  For an explanation of the Um part of the names see {wgaw blog archive: understanding names }

I'm wondering if Freej is a strange kind of Arabic cartoon version of 'Sex in the City'?

Um Saeed

The eldest member of the group and the wisest. Loves to recite poetry and old traditional sayings. Short, very sarcastic and addicted to coffee {see wgaw blog archive: coffee}   Is this Carrie?

Um Saloom

A bit ditsy, kind to others and follows the crowd.  Is this Charlotte?

Um Allawi

Um Allawi is the most educated, but is addicted to all kinds of electronic gadgets.  Has a mobile phone and laptop to follow the stock market.  Is this Miranda?

Um Khammas

My personal favourite is Um Khammas.  She's been widowed three times and has a very strong personality, a bit like Janet Street-Porter really.  She's the most rebellious member of the group and runs her own catering service as well as having a traditional music band.  Is this Samantha?

Here they are in a 5 minute cartoon:


Anonymous said...

They are endearing! Now to find out about the Um part of the name.

Anonymous said...
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Christine said...

It's a quite curious post...I didn't know that even Arbic culture would like to try to imitate "Sex and the city". Sounds interesting!

wgaw said...

Good to see you here again christine.

I think they creators of Freej used Sex in the City as a starting place for the thought process and then developed the cartoon from there. It isn't so obvious when you watch, it was only as I was writing the blog post did I realise that's what they might have done.