Saturday, October 10, 2009

All I've got is a Photograph ...

I love these old 1960's photos of Bahrain for various reasons, but mostly because of that washed out look and because they seem to hark back to a time with no instant communication ~oh dear I must be getting old~

Unfortunately I've no idea where they come from just, Abdul1  (if anyone does know, please send me the details)

In '61 it did look like this.  I can remember water in Qasari in 1986, but unfortunately as the water levels dropped it disapeared.  This natural pond no longer exists, it's simply a hole in the ground.  Husband remembers diving into, with his friends, it as a boy.

This can still be seen ... perhaps not that particular lady on the left, but mattresses on heads in the suq, yes.

The Portugese fort is now restored and a ~dah dah~ UNESCO world heritage site.  One of my favorite spots for relaxing, it has fabulous chocolate cakes and pretty shitty coffee in the museum coffee shop.  I reckon there must be an undiscovered underground temple somewhere around the fort, it feels so calm and quite spirtual.

Just LOOK at those buses!!

Most days on my way to work I see the donkeys and carts running along the back streets.


Rob said...

I Love seeing old photos, specially when I know the place! It changed a lot!!!!!

wgaw said...

rob, good to see you here, thanks for visiting