Thursday, November 27, 2008

More coffee anyone?

Arabic coffee is always served in small cups with no handles, all about the same size and shape as an egg cup.

When serving your guests Arabic coffee, hold the coffee pot in your left hand and stack several cups in your right hand (left hands are only to be used when going to the toilet). Fill the top cup about half-full with coffee (this means guests keeps receiving piping hot coffee) and then stretch out your hand and offer it to your guest.

Most households will have hot coffee and tea available at all times for guests - and you will mostly be offered your first drink from the boiled pot. Once you've drunk your first cup it's probable you'll be offered freshly made coffee.

To make Arabic coffee
First roast your beans to taste, then ground to the right ammount of coarseness and then add the ground cardamom, saffron and finally the boiling water. It was suggested the reasoning behind taking all this time to prepare the coffee is to keep guests in the house longer and to be able to offer more hospitality.

Coffee Pots [da-laaH]
Traditionally Arabic coffee was only served from a vessel similar in shape to a large coke bottle with a conical lid, with a very large handle and spout. It is said original coffee pots were designed on purpose to engage all the five senses:
1. the smell and taste from the coffee brewing and being drunk
2. sounds from a bead in the lid which rattled when the pot is moved
3. feeling of warmth from the heat of the fire
4. vision through reading the engravings carved into the coffee pot

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