Monday, August 17, 2009

Wedding Fire

I'm shocked to say the least, after having attended many Arabic female-only weddings {see future wgaw archive:}, but at least 41 people, all women and children, have died after a fire broke out in a tent being used at a wedding in Kuwait City:


Jaz said...

That is terrible! How could that happen!

coolred38 said...

The evil that dwells in the hearts of human beings seemingly has no ultimate low...we are capable of the most heinous acts...then try and qualify it by claiming..."I didnt mean for anyone to get hurt"...or "I didnt know anyone was there"...or my all time favorite..."he/she made me mad and I just couldnt stop myself".

wgaw said...

Death toll in Kuwait wedding fire rises to 45; 6 people still in critical condition


The death toll in a fire at a Kuwaiti wedding celebration has risen to 45 women and children, an official said Tuesday, as authorities questioned a suspect they say confessed to starting the blaze.

Fire department chief Brig. Gen. Jassem al-Mansouri said four more victims died in hospital and six remained in critical condition.

Authorities announced Monday they had a suspect in custody who confessed to starting the fire for "personal reasons," but they did not provide any details about that person's identity.

Kuwaiti newspaper reports have said she is the groom's ex-wife or first wife. Islam allows men to take up to four wives.

Also the Kuwait Times link: