Monday, August 31, 2009

Ramadan Television

In the northern hemisphere the sun sets at a different time each day, either later each day (if it’s between December 21st and 21st June), or earlier (if it’s between June 21st and December 21st).

This means the timing for breaking the fast changes each day.

To ensure the fast is broken at the correct time each day most families tune in to a Gulf TV station - all of them have special graphics to let you know the fast is over.  Most stations have a cannon being fired {see wgaw blog archive: Ramadan Cannon} followed by Quranic recitations or something similar.

During the month of Ramadan all Gulf TV stations air special Ramadan series and 'Tash ma Tash' [tash ma tash] from Kuwait is probally the most famous and irreverant.  Very addictive when you watch each and every evening:

Here's another short You Tube from Tash ma Tash with far easier Arabic:


Helen said...

Hi Shirley,

I find it very very frustrating that the TV stations do not subtitle in English the Arabic's as if they feel that other people are not interested in their Programs. I understand that being in an Arab country I should understand the lanuguge - don't get me wrong I am trying but as you know it is very hard and not easy to pick up. Obviously when your partner is Arab watching the TV is a pleasure whereby both should enjoy not the Arab partner feeling like they can't watch because the non-arab can't understand and to translate a 30minute (min program) is too much and a lot to ask!!!

Anyway thought i'd share keep up your great blog - maybe your next article should be expat's that during the month of Ramadan feel it's a good idea to walk round the mall with hardly no clothes on.....the reaction i saw last week was very entertaining!!!! said...

Minor correction. Tash Ma Tash is a Saudi program.

wgaw said...

Helen: thanks for the comments, you're right it is difficult to follow the Arabic, esp. as the locals generally seem to want to practice English whenever they have the chance.

Love the thought of what happend when half-naked expats went shopping in malls in Ramadan :-)

Samboosa: thanks for visiting and for the comments