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"Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth, 'you owe me'.
Look what happens with a love like that, it lights up the whole sky."

Hafiz, 14th Century Persian poet

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In the past couple of weeks I've read lots of angry blog posts written by European women married to Arabs/ Muslims.

Their ranting has gone well past my sell by date. I'm not numb to it, but their anger left me feeling tired and jangly.

Years ago, M.Scott Peck stopped me in my tracks ~literally~ when I read the words, "Life is Difficult" the first sentence in, 'The Road Less Travelled'.  And a very wise girlfriend recently explained, "Accept the consequences that come from the decision you have made."

The other thing I've realised is: I'm shocked family problems and disagreements are being discussed in such a public manner.  I can't quite believe so much negative information about internal family rifts is being given out on such a public forum.

Have I become partly Arab?  For an Arab family all disagreements remain firmly within the walls of the family house, never to be prised open to outsiders.
Or have I become old and uncomprehending of the need for instant twitter updates?

Today it's goodbye ranting white females and hello Hafiz:

I said I long for thee
You said your sorrows will end.
Be my moon, rise up for me
Only if it will ascend.
گفتم غم تو دارم، گفتا غمت سرآید
گفتم که ماه من شو، گفتا اگر برآید
I said, from lovers learn
How with compassion burn
Beauties, you said in return
Such common tricks transcend.
گفتم ز مهرورزان رسم وفا بیاموز
گفتا ز خوبرویان این کار کمتر آید
Your visions, I will oppose
My mind's paths, I will close
You said, this night-farer knows
Another way will descend.
گفتم که برخیالت راه نظر ببندم
گفتا که شبروست او، از راه دیگر آید
With the fragrance of your hair
I'm lost in my world's affair
You said, if you care, you dare
On its guidance can depend.
گفتم که بوی زلفت گمراه عالـمم کرد
گفتا اگر بدانی هم‌اوت رهبر آید
I said hail to that fresh air
That the morning breeze may share
Cool is that breeze, you declare
With beloved's air may blend.
گفتم خوشا هوایی کز باد صبح خیزد
گفتا خنک نسیمی کز کوی دلبر آید
I said, your sweet and red wine
Granted no wishes of mine
You said, in service define
Your life, and your time spend.
گفتم که نوش لعلت ما را به آرزو کشت
گفتا تو بندگی کن، کو بنده‌پرور آمد
I said, when will your kind heart
Thoughts of friendship start?
Said, speak not of this art
Until it's time for that trend.
گفتم دل رحیمت کی عزم صلح دارد
گفتا مگوی با کس تا وقت آن درآید
I said, happiness and joy
Passing time will destroy.
Said, Hafez, silence employ
Sorrows too will end my friend.
گفتم زمان عشرت دیدی که چون سرآمد؟
گفتا خموش حافظ کاین قصه هم سرآید
Translation by Shahriar Shahriari. Taken from:


Anonymous said...

hey try saadi and omar khayyam.
on the sacred texts website.sufis rule.
did u read hafiz's personal story? it is amazing.
also, try looking for james r. newell's songs of hafiz. enjoy!

wgaw said...

I should do a post on O.K. and will check out Hafiz's background, thanks for the info.