Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ramadan Laterns

The lanterns [faa-nooh] which have filled Egypt every Ramadan for hundreds of years are so pretty they're slowly being introduced into the GCC and we're seeing them in hotel lobbies and hanging outside house or flat windows.

The lamps are cube-shaped and hollow, with a frame made from thin strips of tin and small pieces of hand-colored glass.

Apparently in Egypt names given to the different types and sizes:
large ones could be called ‘Bride of the Nile’ or ‘Musa’ [moo-sa], Moses whilst the smaller ones have names such as ‘Shaqqat Battikhah Kabirah’ [sha-khat bat-tee-car cab-bree-ah], a big piece of watermelon) and ‘Najmat al-Bahr’ [najj-mat al ba-harr], the star of the sea).

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Jaz said...

Ah, the spirit of Ramadan!