Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me ...

Today, White Girl, Arab World is one year old (if you're European/Western) or two (if you're Arab), which makes Tuesday 24th November, 2009, my offical blogging birthday [eed mee-laa-dee].

I want to say a very big "Thank You" to everyone who's visited over the past 12 months: 65 followers and 43,000+ visits from 142 coutries is a lot of you and a very happy me.  Over the past year, as I've watched visitors arrive from totally-exotic-sounding locations such as Nunavut Territory, Terruco and Thimphu, I've started to realise how small the world really is. "Salam" and "Shukran" for visiting.

I'd also like to say a special thank you to bloggers Angie and Christine, both of whom I've met online and who have been there when the going got tough (although Angie perhaps didn't realise it ...)

Finally, to everyone who reads this blog, thank you for visiting and I do hope you'll continue to visit during the next year.


Christine said...

Happy Birthday to You!!! Happy Birthday To you!!!

I am glad to hear that wgaw is 2 years old (yes, here in China we count from 1 too!)

Thank you for mentioning me:) and hope the blog will live another 10 000 years (that's a Chinese wish).

Abid said...

happy birthday!!!

Shirley Dockerill said...

christine - thank you :-)

abid - good to see you here