Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Adam Disapears

Over the past couple of weeks a British expatriate mother, Rebecca Jones, has been interviewed by many of the Gulf-based English language newspapers.  She is fighting to have her son, Adam, who is half English and half Qatari, returned to her family home.

The following local Gulf newspapers give detailed overviews on what is happening in the Adam case at:  Gulf News and at the Gulf Daily News:  here  and  here

In general when parents split, the choice of where the children live differs between Muslim and western cultures.  In general, in Muslim cultures children are given to the father and in western cultures the children are given to the mother.

For more information on what happens when divorce or death occurs in a mixed marriage, have a look at this {wgaw: divorce} or this {wgaw: pre-nuptual agreements}

If you're interested in reading more about Adam's case, there's an extended debate about the case and the court ruling, with lots of cross-cultural information (and very little ranting) at qatar living

Adam's mother and step-father have put information about what has happened to their family on Bahrain Human Rights website  Facebook and YouTube:


Christine said...

The hardest part about any mixed marriages. All the best for the mother, but I doubt...

bahraintaxiblog said...

It's nearly the end of April and Adam in still in Qatar. The court meets again at the end of May, lets hope its the end of Rebecca's nightmare.