Thursday, November 12, 2009

How to Read & Write Arabic: Laam

Writing Laam
The letter laam is one of the easiest Arabic letters to write as all four forms look very similar and there are very few changes:





Speaking Laam
This week's letter, 'Laam' is an easy letter to speak and to read as it has a sound which is similar to the English letter, 'L'.  However, not all English L’s sound similar to the Arabic 'Laam'!

Say the English word 'light' and think about where your tongue is when you pronounce the L.  It should be behind your top front teeth, touching the roof of your mouth.  This is exactly the place where you need to place your tongue when you say the Arabic letter 'Laam'. If this sounds a little confusing, compare the positioning of your tongue when you say the sound 'L' in the English word, 'feel', your tounge is now at the bottom of your mouth.  'Laam' is always pronounced with the tongue at the top of the mouth.

In the photos below you'll find laams highlighted.  Try to review the previous letters you've learnt whilst you're thinking about the laams




Hide & Seek
Now try and find the laams in the photos below:

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