Friday, March 18, 2011

Misunderstanding Islam

Here are various people contemplating the thought, "What do you think people misunderstand most about Islam?" Answers seem to be realistic and non-inflamatory:

Nothing is mentioned in the youtube above to the obvious next question, "How can this misconception be overcome?" This appears to be dealt with on a small scale wishlist in the following youtube:

Unfortunately it seems to me both miss the most important question of all, given the current cirucumstances in Bahrain, Libya, Yemen and Jordan:
"What can Muslims do to remove misunderstanding between the different sects, groups and/or beliefs within Islam?"

Both youtube videsos have been taken from the website: MUSLIM VOICES


Anonymous said...

If we Muslims truly act upon the teachings of Islam and adopt all rules of Islam in our daily life, then all misconception about Islam and also regarding Muslims will be certainly eliminated... :)

Shirley Dockerill said...

Asma, thank you for visiting and for your comment.

For me the key word is 'If'; it suggests a choice.

And this choice leads onto the question; Do we believe everyone is the same and acts in the same way, that is we are a, 'universalist'. Or do I think each one of us is different from the other, an 'individualist'?