Monday, March 14, 2011

Bahrain Unite

Bahraini rappers, DJ Outlaw, The Mystro, Flipperachi and May Alqasim have joined together to produce a unity track with a single called “Bahrain Unite”.

As it says on the website, AMMARO the song aims to bring people from all over the island together. It, "doesn't matter if you're Sunni, Shiaa, Christian, Indian, Arab, English, man, woman, boy or girl, whoever you are or wherever you are from, we all make up one Bahrain."

Vocals by: Flipp, May AlQasim, Mohammed Janahi, Rashid Hanthal, Hamad AlFardan
Oud by: Ahmed AlHermi
Bass by: Yasser AlBanna
Track Arranged & Produced by: DJ Outlaw
Video Filmed & Directed by: Ammaro Productions
Additional Footage by: Fardan Raffii
Video Editing by: Elements Productions

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