Sunday, August 15, 2010

Trifle, with Arabic Influences

I had decided a while back I wanted to make a Trifle with an Arabic twist. This is a work in progress and having made Version 1.0 which wasn't fantastic, there are various other options in my head now waiting to be made (with custard, with fresh mangoes, with cardamons, etc., etc.). 

The Bottom Layer
I cut lots of legimart {see wgaw archive: legimart} into small pieces, using scissors and soaked them in date syrup,

Once the legimart had soaked up the juices for half an hour or so, they were put in the trifle serving bowl and covered with strawberry jelly.  This was put in the fridge to harden, and then covered with tinned fruit.

The Top Layer
The strawberry jelly mixture was covered with saffron-flavoured creme caramel,

When the creme caramel was hardened, pistash and saffron were sprinkled on top.  The finished trifle looked like this,

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