Friday, August 20, 2010

Trifle, with Arabic Influences 2.0

Following last week's Ramadan trifle recipe which wasn't a wonderful success {see wgaw archive: TRIFLE WITH ARABIC INFLUENCES}, I decided to make a different version of the trifle, 2.0. 

This week it's with lemon jelly, so a sweet and a not-so-sweet combination.  I'm still not completely happy with this version, but it was definately edible and come back for more.  Will update later with version 2.1.

I used lemon jelly and dream whip

I soaked the vermicilli in rose syrup and made the pieces of vermicilli smaller with a potato masher,

then I mixed crushed lychees with lemon peel and layered them on top of the lemon jelly,

Then I added the dream whip and covered the trifle with pistach and saffron,

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