Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bahrain's first sex shop owner appears in court

The female owner of Bahrain’s first sex shop has appeared in court accused of insulting a Customs officer during an argument over the import of sex aids and games.

Khadija Ahmed denied the charge at Lower Criminal Court on Monday and the case was adjourned to September 15, according to a report in the Gulf Daily News.

The mother-of-three told the paper her shop is a legitimate business that also helps save marriages by putting excitement back into couple’s lives

I established the store to help married couples, because the issue most Bahraini couples suffer from is the lack of interest in their intimate relationship,” she told the paper.

Ahmed opened Khadija Fashion House in 2008 selling lingerie, sex aids and games to a loyal and increasing customer base.

She has faced issues with Customs officials over some of the products she tried to import that they said were not authorised.

"The products I sell don't go against Islam. There is nothing that prohibits married couples from enjoying their sex lives, or preventing them from having a happy marriage," she told the paper.

"Customs staff confiscated some of my products, even though some are widely available in pharmacies and other stores.”

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