Friday, May 14, 2010

Kamaradeen & Apricots

Apricots [mish-mish] are a classic Middle Eastern taste and packets of dried apricots are sold like this,

Kamaradine [cam-a-rra-deen]
Another way of eating apricots is is an apricot juice drunk in Ramadan. Around Ramadan time you’ll see bright orange flat packets with pictures of apricots on the front in supermarkets. This is how you buy kamaradine. Once you get the paste home you break of a piece and put it in hot water so it dilutes with the water. Once it has collapsed it is mixed with your hands until the liquid is smooth. Kamaradine is only drunk in Ramadan, although you can buy the pulp in supermarkets throughout the year and is delicious eaten raw, as a sweet.

I make this recipe with apricots and then add it to plain yogurt or breakfast cereal:

250g dried apricots
2 cups peach juice, or cocktail juice
6 cardamoms
4 pieces of cinnamon stick
1 bay leaf
6-8 cloves
4 stamens of saffron

All items are put into a saucepan and cooked on a very low heat for one or two hours, or until the dried apricots are softened. Remove from the heat, put in a container and add to dishes as you wish.

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