Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Desert Rain: Floods in Jeddah

Last week saw lots of rain in the Gulf and floods in Jeddah. Someone was kind enough to send me these photos. Can't quite believe this is what Jeddah looked like after the rain. Here's a full news article

When I was a kid I was fascinated when I was informed most people died in the desert from the rain. Now maybe I now know where or why that happens. This place is usually full of sand and doesn't see rain from one year to the next.

Update, Saturday 5th Dec:
113 people have died in Jeddah, as a direct result of the rains last week. The Saudi media writes about it here

If you are in Jeddah and can help out with home suplies, food, school supplies, clothing, home appliances and/or money please call Miss Rasha Hifzi: 054 163 9486.

They also need people with 4 wheel drives to help deliver the items. If you can help with this please call Miss Sumaya: 050 551 7277.

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Christine said...

An interesting much nature rules over the world even if we think that we rule the nature. Informative indeed. I hope the people will recover from these rains.