Thursday, December 17, 2009

Camel Chocolate

Before I ate this stuff I thought it sounded quite revolting. It turns out to be quite delicous.

Traditionally it is said that drinking camel milk increases your sex drive and with two camel dairy farms in the UAE, Al Nassma has launched a range of camel milk chocolate in 5 different flavored bars; Arabia (flavored with local spices) Dates, Macadamia Nut & Orange, 70% Cocoa and Whole Milk.

We've been lucky enough to try all the 5 flavours as well as the camel shaped chocolates:

and the small little squares:


Anonymous said...

beautiful, delicate!
thank you! shokran!

Natalie said...

We got to try these and I have to say...YUMMY!!!! The pistachio was my favorite. The kids just liked the idea of eating chocolate shaped like camels...but then, they like strawberry or chocolate flavored camel milk too.