Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hot & Cold Food

Many GCC nationals, in a manner similar to the Chinese, divide food into two groups, 'hot' and 'cold'. Hot foods are said to give you spots and stomach aches, whilst cold food does neither.

At the height of the mango season (may & june) the people who've eaten endless alfonsos [al-fon-soes] and tutapuries [tu-ta-pur-rees] can be spotted ~ha ha~ because of the zits on their faces.

Photo above: the first alphonsoes of the season, bought yesterday afternoon (March 11th)

Hot Foods
Fruit: mango, papaya
Shell fish: prawns, mussels, cockles and other shell fish

Cold Foods
Everything else

Photo above:  Awal Mango Juice, possibly the nicest-tasting, pre-packeded mango juice in Bahrain, Kuwait and Iraq.

Urban Legend
It is said local girls who need/want to have an abortion eat green papayas. They also use the drug Duphaston, which is banned in the GCC, but can (to the best of my knowledge) be bought in India.


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