Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wedding Rings

What do Wedding Rings Look Like?
In the Gulf wedding rings are plain bands, just like we use in the west, but are exchanged when a couple become engaged. Fancy engagement rings with stones, as we know them in the west, are given to the bride on the wedding day. The bride will also receive a matching necklace, braclet and pair of earrings as part of a set known as a shbca [shab-caa]; and the giving of this set is an essential part of the marriage ceremony.

Which Hand is the Ring Worn on?
Wedding rings are worn on the right hand during an engagement {see wgaw blog archive: pre-nups} for both males and females, and indicates betrothment. Once the couple are married they will remove the ring from their right hand and start to wear the ring on their left hand, indicating married-ness.

Silver or Gold?
When choosing wedding rings, some men will choose one made from silver [masculine: fid-Dee/ feminine: fid-Dee-yah], rather than gold for themselves.

This custom comes from the Prophet Mohammed who was seen on one particular day to be holding gold in one hand and silk in the other. Whilst doing this he was heard to say, “These two are banned for men of my tribe.” Some Arab men follow this tradition and others don't, it's a personal choice.

I can't ever imagine an Arab wearing this ring shown above. Wedding rings in the GCC are absolutely plain with no decoration (the word says Habb, or love).
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*~Ange~* said...

all muslim men should follow the prophet's example and thats why they are not allowed to wear gold or silk. some men choose to wear gold, just as they choose to drink alcohol and take drugs.

Web-OJ said...

I particularly liked the gold ring. Maybe I'll have made one for me with my own name. Hmmmm!

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