Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hair Removal

I first wrote about hair removal on this blog a couple of weeks ago {see wgaw blog archive: hair removal} and attempted to explain the fact all Arab women remove all their body hair, on a regular basis. But somehow I think I failed to put across how it is approached or accepted here.

When an Arab woman waxes her forearms, lips or face it is seen as a very positive thing to do. Girls will discuss in great detail amongst themselves how their hair is growing back and many have electrolysis over their entire body.

Describing someone as having waxed their forearms would be a compliment for a woman in the GCC. Women here wax their entire bodies for all special occaisions and especially when they marry. It has extremly sexy connotations for just about all the Arab men I know.

Urban Legends

A friend's husband once told her Arabic women always shaved their pubic hairs in the summer and when they were getting married. She asked him to elaborate as she couldn't imagine he'd know such intimate details without there being something fishy going on.
His reply?
“Anything and everything to do with weddings and body parts was open to discussion between women and men in the run up to a marriage.” ~ummm~

One day in class one of the students said to me,
"Don't get angry when I tell you this. My wife got angry when I told her, but you mustn't get angry."
I promised not to get angry and wondered what on earth it could be that the student was going to tell me.
Then he said, "It's personal, and you mustn't get angry."
Again I promised not to get angry and asked again what it was he wanted to tell me.
Finally he blurted it out; "Your hair, the hair on your face. Have you ever thought of having it removed?"
And he made a rubbing motion on his cheeks with his hand. I replied I had never thought of having it removed.
"I told my wife to remove her hairs. I told her she'd look much nicer without them on her face. So would you."
He continued,
"And I think your husband would prefer you that way too. You should do it."
I said I would think about it.
"You must, it would be much better."


*~Ange~* said...

oh dear god. lol.

thats so funny. i think its mainly a gulf thing though.. especially about the arms.

i know the arabs here in australia dont really do it.. except for the usual moustache area and ofcourse legs/bikini area.

but arms? there is no way i would ever wax my arms.

i had an ex ask me to wax my arms (he was from the gulf). i laughed and promptly told him where to go.

Gracianne said...

I read your first post about this and since then I have this question wandering in my mind.

About the private parts: do they remove it ALL? Or do they also use it like "brazilian" bikini style? (lol)

To be honest, I think removing all hair is not good for women's health, because the hair in pubic areas also protect us from getting bacterias, etc, since our "princesses" are very sensitive. The correct thing would be just remove the side areas and leave a bit in the middle.

Congrats on your blog, I love it

wgaw said...

removing all the hair means removing all the hair ... and man it hurts. hairless means hairless :-) glad you like the blog

Anisah said...

It's not just a Gulf thing. When I lived in Jordan, my SIL would take the hair off her arms from something she made (from sugar and water, I think). My hair on my arms is so light, I'd never do that. It is kinda wierd. They are over obsessed with body hair (getting rid of it).

Adventurous Ammena said...

OMG that 2nd one is hilarious... not for you but for the guy.. does he not realise his wife got angry for a reason?? arabs man.. they crack me up hahaha. I hear of soo many waxing arms and moustaches.. Im just glad alhamdulillah i never got all the European hair traits haha. Ive been having my legs and underarms lasered.
Just stumbled upon your blog through you following mine :) shukran

Anonymous said...

That is q funny...
Its not just arabs though, asians are just as obsessive about hair removal...ive had many a conversation about my eyebrows arms etc

Anonymous said...

LOOOL well it's something normal, i won't see myself hairy especially once i am married, i am unmarried and i do it so yeah.
loool Ange it's an Arab thing, let's say an Eastern thing, from the Arab Maghreb to the Arab Gulf, we do it, so there you go ;)
Nice blog, I love Bahrain!

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