Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ramadan Tents - Gabgah

Image Taken from: Ghabga press-release

Years ago a group of friends, say 20 or so people, were likely to arrange to eat together for the month of Ramadan. To prevent one person taking responsiblity for all the buying, cooking and cleaning the group would spend each night in a different house.  Iftar {wgaw blog archive: iftar} would be eaten, then the prayer would be completed and then it would be time to go visiting family and friends. At the time just before sunrise, sahoor (the meal eaten before the fast re-starts), the group of friends would return to the house for

Today this doesn't happen in quite the same way, today families tend to eat together. However, the idea of eating in a group with friends started a trend; at some point during Ramadan a group of friends will meet with a group of friends in a tent [kay-mah]or go to a hotel to break fast.


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