Friday, July 24, 2009

Something for the Weekend Sir?

Appologies to anyone who finds nudity an issue, but this is too good to hide away in the cupboard; a Kuwaitia gets more than she bargins for ....  Again sent by a friend in Saudi.


*~Ange~* said...


that is what you get for stripping, dressing like a tart and video taping yourself as you show off... international shame.

sucked in.

wgaw said...

giggle away :-)

Tuttie said...

i couldn't look at it. I knew it couldn't be good and I will feel embarrassed on her behalf it was just best to stay away from it. stupid empathy...I needed a giggle.

Faith in Writing said...

That was too funny!! I'm so glad you posted it. I was wondering why but, of course, the end was fantastic. Note to self: don't hang off towels that aren't attached to stable things.

trancepass said...

hahahaha.. LoL..!