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The 99 Names of Allah

Image of the 99 names of Allah
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Islam, along with Christianity and Judaism are all monotheistic [mono-thee-is-tic] religions; they belive in just one God.

In Islam God is called 'Allah' [aAH-lah] and has at least 99 names. There is no exact list, just a compilation from references in the Qur'an and Sunnah and over time it has became a custom to recite the entire list.

Image of the 99 names of Allah
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Some Misbahs, or prayer beads {see future blog archive: } contain 99 beads for this reason - one name is recited for each bead. Below, in phonetical alphabetical order, are the 99 names of Allah, with explainations:

1. Al-Ḍārr; the distressor, the harmer, the afflictor
2. Al-Adl; the utterly just
3. Al-Afuww; the pardoner, the effacer of sins
4. Al-Aḥad; the one, the all inclusive, the indivisible
5. Al-Akhir; the last
6. Al-Alīm; the all knowing, the omniscient
7. Al-Aliyy; the sublimely exalted
8. Al-Awwal; the first
9. Al-Aẓīm; the magnificent, the infinite
10. Al-Aziz; the almighty, the self sufficient, the most honorable
11. Al-Badī; the incomparable, the originator
12. Al-Bāith; the raiser of the dead
13. Al-Bāqi; the ever enduring and immutable
14. Al-Bāri'; the rightful
15. Al-Barr; the most kind and righteous
16. Al-Baṣīr; the all seeing
17. Al-Bāsiṭ; the expander, the munificent
18. Al-Bāṭin; the hidden, the all encompassing
19. Al-Fattāh; the opener, the victory giver
20. Al-Ghaffār; the ever forgiving
21. Al-Ghafūr; the all forgiving
22. Al-Ghaniyy; the all rich, the independent
23. Al-Hādi; the guide
24. Al-Ḥafīẓ; the preserver
25. Al-Ḥakam; the judge, the arbitrator
26. Al-Ḥakīm; the wise
27. Al-Ḥalīm; the forbearing, the indulgent
28. Al-Hamid; the all praiseworthy
29. Al-Ḥaqq; the truth, the real
30. Al-Ḥasīb; the bringer of judgment
31. Al-Ḥayy; the ever-living
32. Al-Jabbār; the powerful/ irresistible/compeller, the restorer/improver of affairs
33. Al-Jalīl; the majestic
34. Al-Jāmi; the gatherer, the unifier
35. Al-Kabīr; the great
36. Al-Karim; the bountiful/ generous
37. Al-Khabīr; the all aware/ knowing
38. Al-Khāfid; the abaser
39. Al-Khāliq; the creator
40. Al-Laṭīf; the subtly kind
41. Al-Majīd; the all glorious
42. Al-Mājid; the illustrious, the magnificent
43. Al-Malik; the king/ sovereign
44. Al-Māni; the withholder/ shielder/ defender
45. Al-Matīn; the firm/ steadfast
46. Al-Mu'akhkhir; the delayer, he who puts far away
47. Al-Mubdi;' the producer, originator, and initiator of all
48. Al-Mudhill; the giver of dishonour
49. Al-Mughni; the enricher, the emancipator
50. Al-Muhaymin; the guardian, the preserver, the overseeing protector
51. Al-Muḥṣi; the accounter/numberer of all
52. Al-Muḥyi; the giver of life
53. Al-Muīd; the reinstater who brings back all
54. Al-Muizz; the giver of honour
55. Al-Mujīb; the responsive, the answerer
56. Al-Mu'min; the guarantor, the self affirming, the granter of security, the affirmer of truth
57. Al-Mumīt; the bringer of death, the destroyer
58. Al-Muntaqim; the avenger
59. Al-Muqaddim; the expediter, he who brings forward
60. Al-Muqīt; the nourisher
61. Al-Muqsiţ; the equitable, the requiter
62. Al-Muqtadir; the all determiner, the dominant
63. Al-Muṣawwir; the fashioner of forms
64. Al-Mutāali; the self exalted
65. Al-Mutakabbir; the tremendous
66. Al-Qābid; the restrainer, the straightener
67. Al-Qādir; the all able
68. Al-Qahhār; the all compelling subduer
69. Al-Qawwiyy; the strong
70. Al-Qayyūm; the self subsisting sustainer of all
71. Al-Quddūs; the most holy, the most pure, the most perfect
72. Al-Wadūd; the loving, the kind one
73. Al-Wahhāb; the bestower
74. Al-Wāḥid; the one, the unique, manifestation of unity
75. Al-Wājid; the perceiver, the finder, the unfailing
76. Al-Wakīl; the trustee, the dependable
77. Al-Wāli; the patron
78. Al-Waliyy; the protecting friend, patron and helper
79. Al-Wārith; the heir, the inheritor of all
80. Al-Wāsi; the vast, the all encompassing
81. An-Nāfi; the propitious, the benefactor
82. An-Nūr; the light
83. Ar-Rāfi; the exalter
84. Ar-Rahīm; the most merciful, the most merciful in actions
85. Ar-Rahmān; the all beneficent, the most merciful in essence, the compassionate, the most gracious
86. Ar-Raqīb; the watchful
87. Ar-Rashīd; the guide, infallible teacher and knower
88. Ar-Ra'ūf; the compassionate, the all pitying
89. Ar-Razzāq; the ever providing
90. Ash-Shahīd; the witness
91. Ash-Shakūr; the grateful
92. Aṣ-Ṣabūr; the patient, the timeless
93. As-Salām; the peace and blessing, the source of peace and safety, the most perfect
94. Aṣ-Ṣamad; the self sufficient, the impregnable, eternally besought of all, the everlasting
95. As-Samī; the all hearing
96. At-Tawwāb; the ever returning, ever relenting
97. Aẓ-ẓāhir; the manifest, the all victorious
98. Dhū-l-Jalāli wa-l-'ikrām; the lord of majesty and generosity
99. Mālik-ul-Mulk; the owner of all sovereignty

Image of the 99 names of Allah.
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Personal Names
According to Islamic tradition no one except God can be called any of the names above. Boys will have the prefix, 'Abd' (servant/slave of God) placed in front of their name in order to use it.

For example, al-Samad [al sam-mad] becomes AbdSamad [ab-dul-sam-mad] and can be written; Abdulsamad, AbdulSamad, Abdul Samad, AbduSamad or AbdSamad.

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