Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Always & Forever: The Downside - Divorce [ta-laQ]

Talaq [taa-laQ] is the Islamic term for divorce and can be used by a man to end a marriage, but not by a woman.  All the man needs to do to end a marriage is to say the word, "TalaQ" three times to his wife, with either no witnesses present (Sunni), or with two witnesses present (Shi'ite, Shia).

The woman has no come back and can not use the triple TalaQ should she wish to divorce {see wgaw: THINGS TO THINK ABOUT BEFORE YOU MARRY and THINKING ABOUT DIVORCE}  However I did read in the paper once of a woman who swore her husband said the triple TalaQ whilst he was asleep and they were forced to divorce.

Please note, if you marry with a Muttah there is no such thing as a divorce settlement, simply because it is not thought of as a 'real' marriage in the first place {see wgaw: MUTTA}

Getting Divorced 
In the Islamic world there are two main formats when getting divorced; one for Shia's and another for Sunnis {see wgaw: DIFFERENCES BETWEEN SUNNI & SHIITE}

For Shia's the divorce is publically announced after which the couple can reconcile if they wish, (it's expected they attempt to reconcile within three months of the divorce annoucement). once the three month waiting period is completed the divorce is completed, as long as two witnesses agree.

The couple divorces the moment the husband declares a triple Ta-laQ. Islamic tradition maintains a waiting period of three months, or three menstrual cycles to ensure the ex-wife is not pregnant.

Once the divorce is finalised the couple may remarry up to three times.  After the third divorce the wife must marry and then divorce another man before the couple can marry for a fourth time.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Arabic Make-up [mac-kee-arge]

This round robin is entitled,
'Now I know why they Mention on the Wedding Invitation, No Children Allowed'
In addition to it being a bit over the top with the photoshop, it's difficult to imagine anyone not being invited to an Arabic Wedding (esp. children).

It's the lip liner I find most strange.

ماسألتم أ نفسكم في يوم من الأيام لماذا يكتبون في بطاقات دعوات الزواج
ممنوع اصطحاب الاطفال؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟
انا بصراحه الآن عرفت السبب انزل تحت وبتعرف السبب

هي حلوة شوي نص مصيبة


يع يع يع

يعني ما بيكفي علبة الألوان اللي زارعتها في عيونها

Friday, June 11, 2010

Why is the Weather so hot?

This was recently sent this from a friend in Yemen; is the weather hot and humid because of the weather reporter?

مهم جداً ............ قارن بين المنطقة العربية و الاجنبية

جوه تجيب المطر وكل الخير والبركة على البلاد والعباد وتخليك تتابع نشرة الاحوال الجوية ؟؟؟

لهذه ألأسباب موجود خير وبركه بوجوههم

وشوف تحت الوجه ببلادنا مقدمين النشره

ووجوه تجيب الغبار؟ والرطوبه؟ والسخونة ؟ وانفلونزا الحمير؟؟؟

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Death by Driving

With just about everyone I know having lost someone in a road accident in Saudi Arabia (and we live in Bahrain) it comes as no surprise to find out Saudi Arabia has one of the highest rates of road accident deaths in the world.

However, Saudi Arabia is not the only GCC country with high death rates; Oman, the UAE, Qatar and Bahrain have rates which are almost as high.  Bahrain, for example, a country with just 1 million inhabitants looses one person every other day through road accidents.  These are the only places in the world I've seen barriers installed across pavements as a matter of course to prevent people driving on them.

Someone once suggested the hideously bad driving might improve if it were labelled, 'A Jewish Plot to Kill Arabs'

Here's a great video which explains just how many thousands of people die each year on the roads in Saudi.  Thank you and congratulations to Ala’a al-Maktoum for making such a thought provoking piece and to SAUDI JEANS for bringing it to my attention: